Ashley Shihab, Certified Life Coach

Ashley is a Certified Life Coach who believes that if something isn’t happening in your life it’s because you are lacking clarity. Some common areas in which a lack of clarity comes up include:

  •  Self-Identity – Who am I at my core, underneath the expectations of others and limiting beliefs? This often shows up after a breakup/divorce, around a birthday with a zero or five in your age and during other major life transitions.
  • What do I really want for my life? What are my goals? How will I achieve them?
  • Career stress, exploration, transitioning into entrepreneurship
  • Relationships (or lack thereof)
  • Feeling stuck, lacking direction
  • Burned out, stressed out, unfulfilled
  • Life purpose, values, priorities

Life coaching and therapy are like cousins of each other – they simply take a different approach to your needs. Ashley meets you where you are and helps you to move forward, addressing anything from your past that blocks you from doing so. She provides her clients with thought provoking questions, fresh perspectives, mindset shifts, support, accountability, motivation, and tools to help with the blocks and obstacles that arise on your path that you will have for the rest of your life.

She obtained her Advanced Life Coach Certification from the Life Purpose Institute and her Associate Certified Coach Certification from the International Coaches Federation. She offers telehealth and in person sessions at the West office location on weekdays and evenings. You can live anywhere and coach with Ashley.

For more information and resources, please visit or connect on Instagram @ashleythelifecoach.
Ashley can be reached at or (972) 380-1842.

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