Austin Stember, B.A., MSc

Austin Stember, B.A., MSc, is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and holds a Master Degree from the University of Edinburgh (Scotland). His theses focused on masculinity and the static gaze of anxiety. Upon returning to the United States, Austin taught at a private Episcopal school mentoring teenagers in health and wellness while coaching soccer and football. Noticing a rise in anxiety, social disorders, and depression in his students and athletes, Austin began counseling young people through the tumult of adolescence in increasingly uncertain times before moving into a private practice setting.
His current life coaching practice focuses on work with individuals around their physical and mental health and the correlation between the two, young adults (especially those dealing with anxiety and depression), and teenagers who feel as though they are lost in the process of self-definition. He specializes in stress management, fitness and nutrition, sleep hygiene, and emotional self-care.

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