Caleb Rackley, LCSW

Caleb is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with 20 years of professional experience. In his counseling practice, Caleb’s specializes in helping families and individuals overcome challenges resulting from life’s changes.  This includes interpersonal issues within marriages along with other family difficulties, developmental adjustments with children and adolescents, individuals struggling with feelings of depression or anxiety, and many other varieties of circumstances. As a clinician, it is his belief that, while every problem cannot be solved, every situation can be improved.  Caleb utilizes a multi-faceted therapeutic approach and adjusts the intervention technique to what works best for the needs of the particular client.
Above all, his methods remain practical while being grounded in spiritual principles that make change possible.
Caleb is available for evening and Saturday appointments.
To schedule an appointment with Caleb you may reach him at 972-380-1842

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