Courtaney M. Miller

Courtaney M. Miller, M.A., is a mental health professional specializing in wellness, spirituality, and the intersection of the two. She graduated from Southern Methodist University with a bachelor’s in Sociology. All while rowing varsity crew for the Mustangs. From there she obtained her Master’s in Christian Studies with a focus on theology, medicine, and culture from Duke.

Courtaney focused her career on Children’s and Youth ministry and faith counseling. First in San Francisco in a private capacity, then at First Presbyterian Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

During the Covid pandemic, Courtaney leant her services and faith to Saint Francis Children’s Hospital in the Pediatric Oncology Department. The strength and resilience of her experience, the direct care she provided to those at the very edge of life’s tribulations, inspired Courtaney into broader private practice. She has a purpose and a passion for helping those that find life, their faith, loss, or the totality of what it means to be a person, overwhelming.  Walking alongside the least, the lost, the last, and the lonely. She combines her deep knowledge of faith and scripture with the scientific principles of sociology, child development, and wellness.

Pictured with Courtaney is Chaco, her partner in therapy. If you are interested in talking with Courtaney please call the office to get started right away.

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