Dr. Citali Molina, PHD

Dr. Molina has a Doctoral degree in counseling and a Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of North Texas. She has over 15 years of experience in public education, several years as a school counselor, and college and career center director. In private practice settings she has worked with adolescents, young adults and older adults dealing with grief.

She specializes in working with youth and young adults and is passionate about helping people build their internal capacities to deal with life’s adversities. Dr. Molina works with individual clients towards rewiring your brain through mindfulness self-awareness practices to learn positive coping skills and stress management to deal with the highs and lows of life.

Additionally, Dr. Molina also serves multiple people working in a group setting towards a common goal of improving coping skills, communication skills, planning and setting goals related to middle or high school, and college and career readiness. Dr. Molina enjoys walking alongside youth as they transition from high school to college or the workforce, and various other young adult transitions. She creates an environment of unconditional positive regard and prides herself in being genuine and authentic with her clients. Dr. Molina is a bilingual therapist who can serve clients in English or Spanish.

She is available for Friday or Saturday appointments in person at the west location or via telehealth.

Dr. Molina can be reached at (972) 380-1842.

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